Sunday Services at 10:30 Coffee & a Message

The Adventure Center and Church

The Adventure Center is a ministry of Ministry For Today Inc. with emphasis on taking the gospel outside the four walls of the church, helping the community through resources and The Adventure Center Church is simply an approach to church with an emphasis Serving the Lord as a life full of adventure.

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At The Adventure Center were not just about having Church but about experiencing all God has for us.  Enjoying life to its fullest.  You don’t have to be perfect or put up a front to become part of us.

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We Are Not

The Adventure Center IS NOT ....

*    A typical church
*    A Place where everyone has it together
*    A place where you have to:
-Dress "right"
-Talk "right"
-Act "right"
-Be "right"
-A place where people look at you with a Holier-Than-Thou attitude

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Who We Are

The Adventure Center Is ....

* A place to experience the healing power of God.

* A place to be a part of and experience God, through the services, and programs.

* A place to build relationships and support.

* Growth, Self-Esteem.

If we sound like the kind of folks you'd like to hang out and do life with,

please come and join us!


At The Adventure Center

—- We preach Jesus as our Saviour and, a live Life to the Fullest Invitation.


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Financial Training

We have financial classes to help in making ends meet

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The Adventure Church

What Should I Expect:


A relaxed atmosphere —Fellowship, singing and a Message.

Encouragement to live by every word of God.

We are people from every walk of life. Every  culture.  We are Over comers, learning to be Victorious.  Here you will find someone else who has walked the path before you and is willing to help you find some peace through their own experience. Whatever problems you face, depression, grief, difficult family situation, divorce,  you name it, we want to be there for you.

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