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Ministry For Today Inc.

The Adventure Center Church

Our aim and goal is to be able to connect ministries and civic organizations together for the good of the community.  As the developer and designer for the The Adventure Center I am passionate about working with our local partners, ministries and organizations, together we can have a greater impact in our communities and create positive change that will make a difference in peoples lives.

We are here to strengthen our neighbor hoods and communities by creating connections. We go beyond traditional and physical boundaries to foster relationships and build dynamic, responsive connections for services needed in our area.

The Adventure Center is a network of ministries and organizations designed to build relationships, and identify and meet the needs or our community.  We connect, consult and collaborate with individuals and groups to understand the needs of our communities.

Ministry For Today Inc. is the the ministry that makes this web site available.  The Adventure Center Church a nondenominational church is part of Ministry For Today.   The Web site is Churchadventure.com

This site is being offered without charge for organizations and ministries, If you would like to help us promote and develop this service you can contact us through the contact button.

As we develop the site we will eventually have a donate page.

Thank you for your support and help.

Bill Wadley

Revwadley@gmail.com  or 970-209-4620


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http://www.churchadventure.com/contact/Want to help?  Want to be part of something that will make a difference in the community?