Skeptical About Church?

We are too. 

That’s why were creating a church for people who don’t like church. 

A Church Where you … feel free to wear whatever you want.

Tattoo’s – Piercings – Ok

We won’t judge.


We Are The Church Where It’s OK

To Not Be OK.


Launching as soon as we find a building


At The Adventure Church

— We preach Jesus as our Saviour and, a live Life to the Fullest Invitation.

what to expect

What Should I Expect?

  • No Judgment
  • No Pressure

A Church Where you … feel free to wear whatever you want.

Tattoo’s – Piercings – Ok

         A relaxed atmosphere -Fellowship, singing and a Message.

Encouragement to live by every word of God.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
You should wear whatever is comfortable. You may find people wearing anything from jeans to a suit!!


I Don’t “do” church.   

 Good! We don’t Either.  You may sit in the back and observe or sit up front and be a part of everything. Either way, we are a friendly bunch – we hope you will feel how welcome you are.


Who are you people?

We are people from every walk of life. Every  culture.  We are Over comers, learning to be Victorious.  Here you will find someone else who has walked the path before you and is willing to help you find some peace through their own experience. Whatever problems you face, depression, grief, difficult family situation, divorce,  you name it, we want to be there for you.


Will I have to talk in the service?
No! Your thoughts are welcome; your doubts are welcome.  We’re all in this together.

Will I have to stand up and be recognized or share about myself or my name and address?
No! We would love to get to know you, but your anonymity and confidentiality will always be respected.  We would like for you to fill out a guest card so that we can send you a card thanking you for being with us.

Do I have to give you money?
No! We believe the Bible teaches giving as a victory principle but we do not pressure anyone to give.  You will be given an opportunity to contribute but there is no expectation or obligation. What we have to offer one another is free!

Do I have to believe in Jesus, God or anything to attend

No!   We have all found that our belief in Christ strengthened our ability to overcome. Some of us have come from very hurtful pasts where religion is concerned, so we understand. We will not force anything ill-fitting or uncomfortable on you. We are, however, always willing to talk and share one-on-one if you have questions.

Can I bring my kids to The Adventure Center?
     Yes! We believe that all children benefit from attendance at church. We will provide appropriate worship related activities for them while you are in the service. Many Adventure functions are specifically designed for them.

 What about my teenagers?
Most of our teenagers enjoy the regular worship service and we encourage them to be a part, but we also have a youth group with programs and activities just for them.

I’ve not been attending church.  I’d really like to start over, will I be accepted. Will I be welcome?

Yes! We believe (and are thankful for) the God of second chances (and third and fourth and ….). You will find that many of us needed (and still need) the second chance that grace offers.

You mention “Grace”. What is that and how is it different from “Mercy”?

We put it this way – “Mercy is not getting what we deserve. Grace is getting what we cannot earn.” Put another way, we believe that God, through Jesus, does not punish us for our wrongs – that’s Mercy.

We also believe that God offers us forgiveness no matter what we have done (be it good or bad) – that’s Grace.

I don’t have a Bible but would like to study. Can I get one?

Yes! We have yours waiting for you. In the mean time, we recommend the Bible Gateway website. It is a great place to study.


Need help? Book a call at a time to suit you

We at the Adventure Church are here for you.